Woman what's up is your companion to leadership. During that journey you learn how to stand in your power, speak your truth, get your needs met without hurting yourself or others. You can achieve that in two ways.

Two ways:

  1. In company group training for organisations that strive to retain female talent, and wish to stimulating their access to top positions. 
  2. Individual coaching for women who prefer exclusive guidance.


Expected results

During the training and coaching you discover your true power, your unique set of values and your hindering patterns. It takes practice and maintenance to incorporate these skills and insights into your daily life. The more you practice, the more results:

  • more influence and satisfaction, with less effort, will make you more productive;
  • a deepening of your relationships which leads to more effective collaboration;
  • a greater visibility within the organisation which creates opportunities for promotion;
  • a healthier work-life balance diminishing fatigue, anxiety and stress;
  • greater flexibility in dealing with social and cultural differences which leads to creative solutions. 

Do you grant yourself an expedition to leadership?

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