Interactive presentations, workshops and trainings

Woman what’s up believes that women hold the key to positive change in the world. Women tend to cherish relationships and have an eye for the bigger picture and the long term. Sometimes that is so compelling we put ourselves last and let our choices be influenced by circumstance. We disregard our own needs. We convince ourselves we ought to be grateful. But are we really? 

Disregarding our feelings and needs leads to grumpiness, nagging, dissatisfaction and querulous behaviour permeating through our family and work relationships. One way to get out of this loop is to examine what your feelings and needs are. In a safe setting doing fun physical exercises you become familiar with the wisdom stored in your body. It’s high time we start to believe we have a lot to offer.

For women networks Woman What's Up gives interactive presentations/workshops/trainings on various topics:

  1. 'The Four Pillars of Personal Power'. Exploring the different qualities of grounding, focus, strength and flexibility you discover how (un)balanced these pillars are within you. When balanced, it's easier to be courageous and have a positive influence on your life and relationships. You leave with some practical exercises and tips.
  2. 'Spacewalk: step into the spotlights'. A lighthearted speech with practical exercises that help you overcome anxiety while presenting on stage.
  3. 'Grounding, Focus and Power Poses'. A one day training for women who wish to have greater impact in challenging situations like mixed networking events, mentioning your price and negotiations. You learn how to endure the discomfort and stand for what you are worth. This results in respectful relations with your clients who are willing to pay you well.

These activities create energy and insight. Woman What's Up is open to write a tailor made presentation, workshop or training for your network.