Respectful Confrontation

The more one learns to fight, the less one has to fight

Respectful Confrontation was created by Joe Weston when he looked for answers to the question: why, even though we know better, do we still have misunderstandings, arguments and war? From his research on human behaviour in theatre and practice of martial art forms, he found that the more he learned how to fight, the less he would get into a fight. He translated this to communication. In ‘Mastering Respectful Confrontation’ Weston offers new views on power and influence, conflict and confrontation and aggression and assertiveness. His method is an integrated practice enabling fundamental shifts in behaviour.

The transformation

Heleen Brinkman founded Woman What's Up to empower women in taking the lead. She was trained by Joe Weston himself as a moderator of Respectful Confrontation. She lives it every day. Practicing Respectful Confrontation has transformed her from a low profile person to the woman she is now. In her work as coach and moderator she has integrated the wisdom and simplicity of Weston’s method. With Woman What's Up she gives women a framework for personal growth.

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