Feel, speak, lead

Educated women tend to rely mainly on their rational mind, a logical result of our cerebral education system. Emotions and body signals are considered inappropriate, unreliable and unwelcome. If that lasts long enough, illnesses and diseases are likely to develop. Using Respectful Confrontation Woman What's Up restores the energy flow between mind (rational), heart (compassion) and body (feelings). In this wholeness women recover their original power.

The tagline of Woman what’s up is feel, speak, lead. These words are like a three-staged rocket that take you from personal leadership to leading a corporation, city or country. It starts with becoming aware of your body signals, feelings and thoughts: feel. From there you develop self-confidence and learn the skills to speak your truth: speak. You become an example once you display your flexibility in dealing with resistance in a respectful way: lead.

Practice and experiment

Woman What's Up uses abstract physical exercises. They are simple to do and don’t require an athletic body. What you experience while doing the exercises is repeatedly linked to every day communication. Thus you learn with body, heart and mind. This makes the  Woman What's Up approach unique.

Another outstanding feature is the space to experiment with behaviour. You get the chance to slip, slide, fall and get back on your feet. The bigger the risks you take, the easier it is to recuperate the setbacks in real life. Woman What's Up takes great care to create a safe place where all of you, including your discomfort, is welcome.

'What appealed to me was the constant connection she made between communication and the awareness of body signals.'

Since 2013 Woman What's Up collaborates with Margreet van Rixtel, founder of She offers a year programme and coaching for professional women working in complex organisations. My approach is an essential part of her programmes. 


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