Who are you?

As a female professional you are:

driven by content and quality. You work hard because you wish to make a change. You are a good colleague and willing to help others out. And yet..

you notice that:

  • you are passed for a promotion
  • you are being counteracted
  • you feel your motivation and fulfillment waning
  • you have doubts about the next step in your career
  • you feel not taken seriously.

Stop struggling on your own. It's time to grant yourself the investment that you deserve.

Individual coaching  


As an organisation you wish:

  • a flatter hierarchical structure that makes you more flexible to the demands of the market. Autonomous teams and placing responsibilities lower in the organisation are ways to achieve that flexibility. However, this is a process that is not done in a day. It takes courage and vision from the managing board, perseverance from managers whose positions are disappearing and frequent training of the teams who are going to do the actual work.
  • more diversity in your teams and retaining that. Research shows that more diverse teams have better results. Yet we tend to hire people of the same profile. We think that makes collaboration easier. Howerver, there is a pitfall. Teams consisting of the same personality profile tend to be less open for alternative strategies or procedures, even if they are proven to be more effective. Their perspective is narrow and that makes such a team less open to change.
  • to draw on the employee's full potential. That has two advantages: in terms of efficiency you get more done with the same amount of people. And in terms of HR you create loyal employees for offering them the opportunities to develop themselves. That does require a dedicated and involved staff.
These long-term projects need vision, stamina and involvemnet from all levels in the organisation. What is actually happening is a change of perspective on leadership and collaboration. Nothing less than a culture shift. To make such a culture shift succesful you need an outsider who understands your needs, has the appropriate tools, knows how to make it practical and has the talent to touch people's hearts.


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