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Who are your biggest fans?

The mentors in your professional career


Who gave you the biggest chances in your career?

My mentors

If I look back on mine it was two men. One was the late Wim Becker who owned an actor's agency. Somehow he trusted my abilities, even though I had little experience at the time. He gave me plenty of occasions to grow as an actress in communication training sessions. The second is Joe Weston. I met him around the same time as Wim, late 1980's. He was my drama teacher, colleague and since 2013 my Respectful Confrontation tutor. He too recognized my potential and still supports me to this day.

Who are yours?

Who are the people that supported your career? Were they men like in my case? Or were they women? I must say that a lot of women supported me, nevertheless it was these two men who changed my professional life. It took some 20 odd years to see this.

Male support

If we share our stories, we might help younger women to recognize their mentors, people who have confidence in your potential and who will give you opportunities to grow. As Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, states in her latest book Lean In, in order to get more women in top positions, we need the mentorship of men. Emancipation is not just a woman's thing. Equality at work and home can only be reached if men support us.

I'd love to hear who were beneficial to your professional life...

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